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Who are we?

We deliver innovative software solutions and front-end expertise in the rapid development of RIA's - Rich Internet Applications.

What do we do?

We make web applications look and feel like desktop applications: more intuitive, more responsive, more creative and providing an improved user experience.

What do we offer?

Our offering is based around Webcentric, a framework which expediates the build of rich web applications. We offer consultancy and training for any stage of the development cycle, whether it is architectural review or delivering the full project.

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A client-side portal framework that simplifies the task of creating Ajax-driven, Rich Internet Applications.
It runs entirely in the browser, making it completely server side agnostic. Communication is standards-driven using XML over HTTP, by-passing any firewall restrictions your customer may have.

A client-side portal framework

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What clients say about us

Creativity, ability to improve the user experience and rapid development were the keys to our selecting Socentric Software. RIA's are definately the way forward in ensuring a more satisfactory web experience.
—  Russell Gould, iShares